Saturday, March 1, 2008

Give em that old Razzle Dazzle. Watch him try to Worm and Squirm

In the Ohio debate earlier this week when he was asked if he accepted the support of Louis Farrakhan. Obama looked like a Deer in the headlights.
Obama could have answered the question directly, starting with the simple word, “No,” making clear he refused the support of an anti-Semitic demagogue like Farrakhan, but instead, even after repeated followup questions, he never said he rejected that hatemonger’s support. Guess he feared such forthrightness might cost him a vote or two.
It was not until Hillary pressed the issue and the moderator flatly asked him to, did he reject the support of Louis Farrakhan. That he came out and did so. Up until thwn, there was a lot of side stepping going on. A common technique for a politician? Sure it was. But this was an issue where it should have been cut and dry!
Lets just hope the Republicans will be able to stop him.

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