Saturday, November 24, 2007

More Proof that the world is full of NUTS!

Man accused of shaving swastika on his dog
German police are investigating a 29-year-old man suspected of shaving banned Nazi symbols into his dog's fur. Police in the Bavarian town of Straubing said they had found the dog with a swastika and the insignia of Hitler's elite Waffen-SS troops marked on its body. They made the discovery when the suspect's ex-girlfriend requested police help to collect her belongings from his apartment because she was afraid of him.
I guess shaving a Muslim crescent on the dog would have been considered a 'hate crime'

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Something about Hillary

One of the most intriguing and persistent questions of the 2008 presidential race is this: Why isn't Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, running away with it? President Bush remains unpopular among the electorate at large. Polls show a majority of Americans oppose the war in Iraq. Democrats beat Republicans in all generic surveys and seem poised for further gains in Congress next year. A bleak political environment appears deeply anti-Republican.

I believe Republicans should push hard on her lack of experience and lack of results. An undistinguished career as a lawyer. Negative results as Arkansas education czar under then Gov Bill Clinton. Terribly negative results as health care garu under Bill. Constantly fighting personal, public scandals. Undistinguished Senate career. As Mitt Romney says, we don't need an intern in the White House!
Regardless of how hard she tries to spin her imaginary '35 years' experience', she is just not qualified, and people are getting that.

I love this quote from Dim Snakehead Carville:
'James Carville said in a memo to party leaders this month that the candidates' messages lack depth and resonance. ''Democrats must become more fully the VOICE OF WHAT IS WRONG with these times. It is not enough to be anti-Iraq and anti-Bush,'' as James "the Snake" Carville warned.

The Dims are ALREADY the voice of what is wrong with these times.
Pelosi, Reid, et al, come to mind.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Clinton Campaign Says It Tipped the Maid and Waitress

The Clinton Campaign Says It Tipped the Maid and Waitress
But the Maid and Waitress say: ain't so!

A waitress causes a stir on the political blogs. The waitress at a Maid-Rite restaurant in Iowa says she did not get a tip after serving presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton, a Democrat from New York. But the Clinton campaign says a $100 tip was left at the diner.
Anita Esterday, a waitress at the Maid-Rite in Toledo, Iowa, told NPR's David Greene in a report that aired on Morning Edition Thursday that "nobody got left a tip" on Oct. 8, when Clinton sat at the lunch counter and ordered up the restaurant's famous loose-meat sandwich.

Esterday served Clinton, chatted with her and later ended up as an example of a hard-working single mom in Clinton's stump speech. She told NPR she's considering voting for Clinton, but was disappointed the senator and her staff didn't make sure she got a tip for her labor.
The tip issue was a small part of an eight-minute piece about how everyday people get caught up in political campaigns. Half the story was about an incident in which another presidential candidate, Barack Obama, failed to follow up on a letter he said he might send to a supporter he met at a rally. The Obama campaign Thursday said they fired off a letter to the supporter after the story aired. But that part of the story received little mention in the news after airing Thursday.

Burried in the article was the following quote from a Clintoon staffer:

The campaign also produced photocopies of receipts showing $157.46 was paid to Maid-Rite on a VISA card on Oct. 8 for meals consumed by the candidate's entourage. The tip was supposed to have been paid in cash, and the campaign insisted such a payment was made but has declined to make available a staff member who was present at Maid-Rite and left tip money.

So I guess they expect us to believe that the staffer operating on an expense budget, put the food on a card and gratiously took a $100 out of their pocket to donate to the wait staff. Sure, that explains everything (NOT). What BS.
Come on now, who would leave a $100.00 tip in CASH just sitting on the table?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Both the Right and the Left are out to get Hillary

The most notable failing of Hillary,is the Cold and Joyless, is not that the Marxist policies of Saul Alinsky would be offered up as the "other way", it is that Herself is pretty incompetent in getting even a bare majority to go along with ANYTHING she might bring up. And worse yet, when the real crunch of international policies comes up, Herself will be unable to muster even the courage of her own convictions to argue positively for America at any turn or on any terms.
Seems the Dems/Libs and MSM are attacking President Bush, but I've got news for them: "He is not running!"
The media continues to sing the praises of Hillary, but the common folk will soon open their eyes and truly see who and what she is and then use that information when they vote.
Hillary may start to lay off Bush and pile on to her opponents now that her lead has dropped and may drop off even more as this story gets legs. Her "me against everyone else" has always been her clinical favorite mode of operation used to justify her constant accusations against the other guy and her whining "It's their fault...".

Voters oppose driver's licenses for illegal aliens

Voters oppose driver's licenses for illegal aliens by a nearly five-to-one margin, a new Fox 5/Washington Times/Rasmussen Reports poll finds.
As immigration politics explode into the presidential race, polls show Americans are taking a hard line on benefits for illegal aliens, including opposing driver's licenses and such taxpayer-funded benefits as scholarships at state colleges for illegal-alien students.
The new poll found 77 percent of the adults surveyed opposed making driver's licenses available to illegal aliens, while just 16 percent supported the idea.

Any Republican running for any office at any level in the US who doesn't ask his opponent outright if he/she is for or against licenses for illegals aliens is a dufus.
Think about it this way, 77 percent oppose licenses for illegals, and the OTHER 23 PERCENT who are FOR LICENSES FOR ILLEGALS are the ILLEGALS!
Any one of the major candidates could score big on this issue. Hillary Clinton has already established a beachhead on the wrong side. It’s most likely because she wants these people to get licenses and then they could ger voters registration and whop do you think they are going to vote for?..........Bingo.