Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Conservatives say that John McCain is not conservative enough.

Many conservatives have said John McCain is not conservative enough to suit them.
If you’ve been around the blogs, you hear these criticisms and I think they are grossly unfair. He’s got a record that everybody can analyze in the Senate–a sound, conservative record. And yet he is not conservative enough. I am so sick of this . The next time a conservative says this
I'm going to ask them if Barack Obama is going to be conservative enough to suit them?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Accuracy Of Polls.

Could the polls be wrong? Many of the talk shows say that they are. I think a greater question is in order which is, how accurate or honest is the so called American media?
Could the polls be wrong? Of COURSE they could be wrong. The polls represent the MSM propaganda.
If the polls were accurate then Obama would not need ACORN and the other massive voter fraud he and the democrats have organized.
Just get out there and vote no matter what is being reported or who is saying what. We can't trust any media source, that is clear. Just trust your instincts and don't let outside forces stop you from trying to save this great country and the military that defends it, and us.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah Palin's Tailor-Made Image Against Hillary Clinton's Pant Suits~

It just makes me sick that the libs would lower themselves to criticize Sarah Palin’s wardrobe and makeup. Nobama’s wife should look so good…….. Whatever Michelle O is buying or wearing or putting on her sour puss isn’t doing it for her and they are so jealous that Sarah Palin looks so fresh and beautiful. What about the cost of Biden’s hair plugs and his Botox shots (otherwise he would look like a drunkard). What about Edwards and his expensive HAIRCUTS? How do we know what the heckNOBAMA does to look half way decent. It is just sickening that they would stoop to criticize Sarah Palin who is lovely and always looks professional. Some of the women in the Media that are criticizing Sarah should go get a facial and get rid of the scowl on their faces .
Let's put Sarah Palin up against Hilary's pants suits, Albright's janitor dresses, and Pelosi's face lifts. And where is the media when it came to the lobster, caviar and champagne enjoyed by Michelle?
And lets face it Biden and Obama's suits didn't exactly come from the Salvation Army!