Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama just extended by six months a review of some 240 terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - now just halfway finished - putting in jeopardy his campaign promise to close the U.S. military detention facility by January. The Department of Justice and Department of Defense announced that the Detention Policy Task Force will not submit its report for another six months .

Will someone please tell me how do you release a review of how dangerous the remaining prisoners are and then close the facility in just a few days? Man, that would take a tremendous number of lies and bribes to foreign states to take these dangerous terrorists. By then 0bama should be running short of lies and he's already run short of money.
But, but, but I thought we needed to close Gitmo immediately to show the rest of the world that we're their friends now and it's okay to like us again.

Obama is as clueless as any man has ever been in this government. The only people more clueless than he is are those freekin' Morons who voted for him!
This is what happens when one is willing to say ANYTHING to get elected... This is just further evidence that the Messiah is incompetent...

End the War in Iraq- nope
Close Gitmo- nope
Free Health Care for All- nope
Fix the Economy- nope
Better relations with Russia- nope
Solve the Iranian issue- nope
Hold unemployment in check- nope
Shovel ready projects- nope
Transparency in legislation- nope
Green energy panacea- nope
No lobbyists in administration- nope

New basketball court in White House- check
Fly in a Pizza Chef for 25 people- check

Buzz the Skyscrapers in New York City for a photo op - check

Why close Gitmo!It has worked all these years. The prisoners are living better than they have at home.We have made some mistakes and apologized for them.Why do we have to keep spending money that we do not have!! Why not change the name of Gitmo to Kenya?