Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Tea Party Movement.

The Tea Party Movement is mostly made up of hard-working people that expect their Government to follow laws on the books, not to make them up to their liking. We expect people that are sent to Congress to be servants of the people, not the other way around. We believe all people have a right to pursue happiness, not to be given happiness on a silver platter. We believe you cannot help people that won't help themselves. We believe that the elected people in Washington these days are either stupid or trying to destroy us. This is God's Country and we are going to fight to preserve her to be a strong, honest nation again.
I am proud to say that my opinion of Present Obama remains unchanged, rock solid, unwavering bad.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The direction Obama is taking us.

Whether Obama is just inept or there is a plan being unfolded to fit his socialist agenda, we can see the direction we are taking. Next year, the Bush tax cuts expire and there will be a massive tax increase on the middle class as a result. It will not improve the treasury balance sheet, but it will further strangle the economy. People will have fewer free market choices for their dollars when more of them are funneled to the government. Jobs will be lost and sales will decline and all the unemployment comp entitlements will eat up the “increased” revenue.

Now we are looking at the Obama administration causing energy prices to rise. A recent report from Harvard sees $7.00 a gallon gasoline. The actual dollar amount is not the point. Energy costs affect every aspect of the economy and they are all passed on to the consumer. So, if your wallet is tight now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Has anyone seen any talk of investigating the oil companies recently? Do they only make “obscene” profits when the Republicans are in charge? If a company has an income of $200B it ought to be making $20B in profit or it ought to reorganize.

And, as the oh-so-socialist Brits are learning, BP supports a lot of pensioners who are shareholders in their profits.

Liberals are not just liars, they are corruptocrats who sit like vultures waiting to tear their dying victims apart. When was the last time you heard of vulture opening a food pantry for the people in the hood?