Monday, February 2, 2009

I Don't Support Barack Obama.

Let me be among those that say this to everyone who voted for Obama, that you were screwed and you screwed me and millions of others along with you.
A funny thing happened on the way to sainthood. After Obama had won the primary nomination he started to do things that were contrary to what he had been preaching for nearly 2 years.The kooks on the left who supported him were beginning to get a little worried but they continued to support him because they knew he was only moving to the middle in order to get elected, or so they thought. Though it is true that liberals always pretend to be moderates in order to get elected (they cannot get elected adhering to their far left philosophy), Obama seems not to have returned to his far left roots, at least when it comes to his selections and his “so much in a hurry” executive orders.
What did you expect? His first public act was to turn the terrorist loose. Closing Guantanamo, not helping the poor, and not repairing the economy. I don't think that's the first thing you do as a new president. You should look out for the people who put their faith in you. That you would make positive changes and help the people not feel like their country is going down the tubes. But not if you’re the Messiah!
Give him a chance? No, I don’t want to give him a chance! Just like they gave President Bush a chance? And don’t tell me not to be the same as the kooky Left! I’m also sick and tired of taking the “High Road”
What was his “plan” for getting us out of this economic mess? Putting us deeper in debt and expanding government. Just print up more money! Yeah that's the answer, and in a year it will be a valuable as Cambodian money.
And why is Obama appointing crooks and tax cheats to his cabinet? Obama said that he has confidence in Tom Daschle and that he is the right person to lead the fight for health care reform. And that he stands behind him. Why? Do you mean to tell me that he is the only person that he could nominate? And now that he is aware of his tax cheating, why still stand behaind him? It's against the law to cheat on taxes, so we have a law breaker in office? I can't believe it! It sounds like the fox is guarding the hen house. Does Obama even have a clue?
This is just one example of how ignorant the people we have that are running things. Is Tony Rezko going to be nominated next?
It’s starting to there are finally some of the devoted Obamamania voters who are finally seeing that he isn't the Messiah after all? And since he hasn't walked on water or healed the sick or raised the dead since he's been in office for less than 2 weeks, now all of a sudden they are dissatisfied with him? So why should I support him?
The Lib’s and the Blacks put him into office because they were more interested in making “History” than getting the best President for America. And now we all have to deal with the consequences. I think that Geraldine Ferraro was right, if Obama wasn't Black, he would never had been nominated, and if Obama was a white man, he would not be in the position to even be considered for nomination.
This was only to be expected. He was elected by losers who hoped that he would lead them to fabulous wealth and success strictly by his promise of “Hope and “Change” well that just isn’t gonna happen. Support Obama. No, I won’t support him or his policies or his principles! Or any of those CROOKS that he has appointed to his cabinet.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let me be among the first to say this to everyone who voted for Omaba...You were Screwed and you got me screwed with you!

Does anyone that Barack Obama knows pay taxes? Or is that civic duty - like jury duty or serving in the military - now something that only the "little people" in America, those without deep pockets and connections, do? Tom Daschle is the latest Obama appointee to make us in the American middle class feel like suckers.
Yes, there are two Americas. Those who obey the laws and pay taxes, and those that Obama appoints to the country and believe they are above the law and taxes.