Thursday, December 20, 2007

File This Under, "Who Gives A Crap"

Hillary Clinton spoke today about people’s perceptions of her and about the importance of a candidate’s relationship with the military.

"Some people think I am maybe too serious a person,” she told an audience packed into an opera house in this town near the Wisconsin border in northeastern Iowa. “Well, that’s not the way I am all the time. But I think this is a serious election, and I think we’ve got to get it right. We don’t have any margin for error, and I think the problems that we are going to inherit and the failures of the Bush administration are really serious.”

Sorry, PIAPS, but I take your attempt to turn this country into a socialist state You are VERY seriously and I'll do what I can to stop you.
And yes, She is serious! Serious about Marxism, socialism, feudalism and anti-Americanism!