Friday, March 7, 2008

The best Republicans we have to represent the US on foreign policy are being ostracized because the cut 'n run surrender socialist Democrats demonize them, like John Bolton for one. I wish Sen. McCain and other Republican leaders would take note, especially considering how Gen. Petraeus was treated before he went to Iraq and then afterwards when he came back to testify before Congress successful but assaulted by the likes of Hillary because they wanted failure.

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Anonymous said...

the team of obama and kennedy is a jokeone is aliar who cant fulfill his promises without breaking a lot of laws. the outher one is kennedy
who killed some people in a drunken car wreck in mass.he is backing obama so he can get obama to pass amnisty for illegels and keep nafta as hillary wants to put a hold on nafta. where do you think obama is getting his money from he is using middle east moneythe people in u.s.a.cant afford to be giving that much money as he says on line its too easy to cheat'all you need is a couple of registration books to names and addresses