Saturday, March 1, 2008

Conservatives: Sitting Out The Election Is the Height of Idiocy

I know that there are those conservative that arn't fond of John McCain, and that they disagree with him on a wide variety of issues, and they feel insulted by McCain's ardent desire to please those across the political aisle.
Yes, there's plenty to question about John McCain, but there's one thing conservatives can't question: McCain is better than Hillary Clinton. He's better than Barack Obama. And it ain't close baby.
Conservatives must recognize that the choice in 2008 is between John McCain and Clinton or Obama. It isn't about McCain vs. Thopmson, McCain vs. Romney or McCain vs. Huckabee anymore. Don't wake up on that morning and see Hillary Clinton dumb ass smile in the Oval Office.
Conservatives are fools if they stay home in November. Fools big time.

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