Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Now Hillary Clinton Plays the Victim Card, the Only One left in the Deck

That was her theme at the Democratic debate with Barack Obama in Cleveland Tuesday night.
She complained that she always got the first question. What was that all about? She complained that she wasn’t getting enough time to discuss health care (a discussion that had gone on for 16 minutes, which is several lifetimes in terms of a televised debate).
And, then, demonstrating how presidential campaigns can repeat their mistakes rather than learn from them, she said: “If anybody saw ‘Saturday Night Live,’ maybe we should ask Barack if he’s comfortable and needs another pillow.”
she came across as whine and snarky...not very presidential...not at all!
And now she's TOO BUSY to release her tax returns? Excuse me if it sounds a bit like she's hiding something. What else is new?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pimping her daughter - oh the humanity!

Hillbilly won't admit it but desperation appears to be creeping in. Daughter Chelsea and husband Bill will be deployed this week to prop up Hillary Clinton's faltering presidential campaign. Chelsea, now 27 and a far cry from the somewhat awkward braces-wearing teenager of old, is being dispatched to Hawaii while the former president will join his wife in Texas to help her cover a state the size of western Europe. The delegate-rich Lone Star state, which votes on March 4, is vital to Clinton's hopes of clawing back the lead...
Wait, folks...where's your decency? Chelsea is a demure, private person (okay, a public stage prop), and we have no right even mentioning her name in this conversation.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Romney to endorse McCain.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is expected to endorse U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who was Romney's rival in the Republican race for the White House, two sources familiar with the decision told CNN Thursday.
They said Romney wants the 286 delegates he won to go to McCain, who now has 827 delegates, and is the Republican front-runner.
To clinch the Republican nomination 1,191 are needed.
An announcement is expected at 3:30 p.m. ET in Boston.
Romney dropped out of the race Feb. 7, after a poor showing on Super Tuesday. He said he pulled the plug on his Republican presidential campaign "for our party and for our country."
Continuing his campaign would have delayed the Republicans from shifting attention to the general election campaign against whichever Democrat wins the nomination of their party, he said at the time.

Romney has proven his integrity and love for this country. Please follow suit so that we can beat Obama/Clinton.
Don't let your ego, or whatever agenda keeps you in, cost us our chance, Huckabee. We need to strengthen our party before November. Too much is at stake.
Huckabee… show you care as much for the party as you say and show us a miracle… step down. Get behind and support the frontrunner like Romney. We don't have a chance if you don't.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Great Emancipator.

Today is the 199th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln the man who stood nearly alone to save America and therefore the world. The man who stood alone and understood that the only route to real peace was through a terrible war.
The truly great and lasting peacemakers are those willing to go to war, and those are the peacemakers I most admire. It’s easy to preach peace, love, happiness, and Kumbaya. It’s easy to call yourself a peacemaker as you bask in the love of the left, the safety of the stable dictator, the alliance with evil…… But it’s the real peacemakers like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher, and George W. Bush who make the hard decisions and understand that sometimes war is the only way to achieve peace.
Liberals love peace, there’s no doubt about that because they’re willing to bask in it at the expense of the world’’s oppressed –– at the expense of the enslaved —— at the expense of millions of innocents dead in Cambodia and they hope next year in Iraq —— at the expense of gathering threats to our very way of life.
Lincoln understood that America was the only hope of the world and America could not stand divided. How many would’’ve died without America? Who would’’ve stopped Tojo, Hitler, the Soviets……? Lincoln understood that the idea of peace required a “united” States, just as Bush understands the idea of peace requires a democratic Middle East.
Liberals selfishly demand personal peace on the backs of others. True peacemakers bring peace to those others. God bless Abraham Lincoln, the great American emancipator. God bless George W. Bush, the great emancipator of the Middle East.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The PIAPS is Toast.

Hillary Clinton is in for another tough result when Virginia holds its primary on Tuesday
If the receptions Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton respectively received at a gathering of influential Democrats last night in Richmond is any indication, Clinton is in for another tough result when Virginia holds its primary on Tuesday.

The stark difference in enthusiasm was noticeable even in passing. Outside the Stuart C. Siegel Center, which played host to the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, a couple hundred of Obama supporters beating drums, wearing paper Obama masks and holding giant white letters spelling Obama’s name, urged passing cars to honk. Many of them did.

A quieter group of Hillary supporters had less success.
Inside, there was more of that. The same giant cardboard Obama letters flanked the dozens of crowded tables on the floor, and dwarfed the “Hillary” signs lined up between the A the M and the A. From the stage, past and current Governors of Virginia boasted about their endorsements for Obama. Chants of O-ba-ma broke out intermittently from the rafters.

Clinton, her hair flatter than usual and her chances sinking in Washington and Nebraska, soldiered through.
Taking the podium under an enormous Jumbo screen, Clinton struck positive and even sweeping notes that received solid, if not ecstatic, applause from the crowd.

”Hello Virginian Democrats - that sounds so good,” said Clinton. “I am delighted and honored to be here with you this evening.”
Clinton thanked Virginians for electing Senator Jim Webb and expressed her hope for the election to the Senate of Mark Warner, who ran for president last year as a moderate Democrat, but was essentially forced out of the race by his inability to compete with Clinton for that space.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Core Is Evaporating

Hillary Rodham Clinton last night lost ground with her core supporters of whites and women, even as she crushed rival Barack Obama among Hispanics, exit polls showed. Clinton led Obama among whites 50 percent to 44 percent - a far lower ratio than during most of the earlier primary races.
Who'd of thunk that Obama would win so many states as he has done, especially among white males? Who would have thought so many women would simply vote Hillary because she is a woman and not look and listen to her policies.
I also think that it looks like the longer this battle between Clinton and Obama goes on the more likely Obama will win. It looks like he is gaining while she is losing. He was down 20 pts and now he is neck and neck. He did very well yesterday.

Monday, February 4, 2008

John McCain or Hillary Clinton

My Bloging friend DD2 has a Debate going on at his blog regarding Who would you vote for if it were between John McCain and Hillary Clinton.
In these eyes, there could not even be a question about it. Unless i had a gun pointed at my head I’d vote for John McCain in a mini-second. I would probably have to vote for McCain even though he won't be my choice in the primary. He would just be a better choice than Hillary who would really ruin this country if elected