Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Sarah sure has them still scared...

Members of Congress Receiving Death Threats, Congresswoman Blames Sarah Palin's 'Rhetoric'
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Wednesday that at least 10 members of Congress have received threats since the health care reform bill passed Sunday night and that the FBI is investigating. "We've had very serious incidents that have occurred in the last 48 or 72 hours," Hoyer said. "The incidents of threats, whether in person or through telephones or through other communication devices, have given great concern to members for the safety of themselves and their families.
Sarah has nothing to do with it they did it to themselves.
Typical Liberal BS... Blame the victims for the actions of the criminals.

I'm not an advocate of violence, but the Dem's shouldn't act surprised when it happens. I fear that this is going to escalate and get very ugly long before November rolls around. Once people believe that the government is non-responsive and that nothing they say and nobody they elect will change that, they will see few options.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The health care vote.

I think that any Dem who is "undecided" at this date, and then votes "yes" is a sure loser this November. And the same for any Dem who was a "definite no" and caves.

Although both groups may be watching the polls on Pelosi's chances of getting re-elected.

Let`s hope there are some republicans trying to sway the undecided dems to swing a NO vote. How anyone can be `undecided` after a year of haggling this garbage to death is beyond me. I guess undecided is a dem way of saying, `Go ahead, bribe me and make it good`.