Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Having finally stumbled across the finish line and secured the Democratic nomination Barack Obama hit the road this week with an economic tour to convince voters he is not a traditional tax and spend liberal. This will be tough because he likes tax increases and spending the tax payers’ money and is very liberal. The McCain team, anticipating Obama’s offensive, kicked off the week with this statement: “While hardworking families are hurting and employers are vulnerable, Barack Obama has promised higher income taxes, Social Security taxes, capital gains taxes... etc...etc.
And still the Obamanomics go Ape over him.

Obama himself demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of economics with MOST EVERYTHING he has said, proposed, voted on, etc.! He even admitted himself that he does NOT understand economics. I heard the words roll out of his mouth! So, how then can he try to even claim that he can fix the country especially considering how MUCH he loves to tax and spend!


Tapline said...

SM, After looking at what the new branch of Government just did creating new laws, I think no matter what McCains political agenda is. He''s got my vote if he sticks by his states Supreme Court appointees as the same type as Roberts and Alito. the current majority has just rewrote the Constitution. So I don't even consider the other comedian for prez......stay well

Z said...

tapline, I'm with you on this, and SM....if McCain only nominates good honest constitutions readers for SCOTUS appointments, we'll know he was lightyears better than anything Obama would produce, and let's not kid ourselves...the oldsters on the bench haven't stuck around for their health! I'm sure they've just been waiting until they have a NICE lefty president to appoint another lefty to their seat!
I'd like to SMACK their seats, personallY!!!

Sgt. Major said...

Tapline and Z. thanks for the visit and for your comments.