Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Take On The Trials At Guantanamo And The Election

DD2, over at "Our World As We See It" did a fine blog on this subject today.

He calls it "The Trials At Guantanamo And The Election"
I’d like to say a few words on the subject myself.

Barack Obama wants to negotiate with the terrorists. You can not negotiate with terrorists, extremists, radicals, or fanatics. I spent over 20 years in the Military and I think I know the score pretty damn well. . These terrorists do not play by the rules not by any rules. There are no rules of engagement for them. What happended at Abu Ghraib was nothing more than embarassment...there was no torture. Waterboarding is an evil necessity that must be done in order to save lives. And saving lives is what we do. Stop being such panty-waisted pansies and wake up to the world of reality. This is war, not a Sunday picnic. Our military is doing the best they can, considering the politicians tie their hands. Give them a break and support them in their endeavors.
Don't go out on the streets and embarass them. In case you don't know it, that's exactly what you do when you protest.

We do not torture because we wanted to inflict pain. In contrast, they killed because they want us to suffer. No, we do not become terrorists if we torture the terrorist to extract info to protect ourselves. Is the info reliable? Maybe, maybe not. But we can always verify. The CIA is not stupid. After 911, a lot of government agencies got blamed for not doing enough to protect our country. Well, when the memory faded, the liberal left is now saying that the government and CIA are doing too much in the name of protecting the country. Can there really be such a thing as TOO MUCH? For those who argued that they will torture us if we do the same to them, well, I say that whatever we do, torture or not, doesn’t have any effect on what they will do.
To try to reason with them and expect that they think the same way as we do is naïve beyond believe. This is not a moral issue. We are dealing with evil people here, very evil.


Guy said...

Wake up Americans and join the real world! If we are at war with another country, and they are at war with us, what do you think its going to be like? The other side isnt going to play by our rules. Our military is as a professional organization as anyone is going to find in this world, they dont just result to torture because they want to, and I am sure that they dont enjoy torturing people unlike the other-side who cuts off peoples heads and video tapes it to psychologically torture our families.

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