Sunday, June 22, 2008

America's New Jackie O! ~ Michelle Obama.

Yes, Michelle Obama, the wife of the presumptive Democratic contender for the White House, has come under fire for being allegedly unpatriotic, pushy, even racist. Thyra Lees-Smith of Los Angeles said in an entry on Obama's Facebook page that she was "the picture of graciousness, style and extraordinary intelligence" on The View.
"The picture of graciousness, style and extraordinary intelligence"
Maybe on the Miss Piggie show she is!

If anyone is elegant and gracious., it's Cindy McCain, not Miss Piggie "I was never proud of America "Obama!
Lately all the pictures I see of Michelle O she is deressed up exactly as Jackie O. Hussein also poses as John Kennedy. The problem is, the color has changed although the pearls are the same. So in the end the anti-American Michelle is not a credible Kennedy image. Perhaps they think the American people are stupid.
I don't remember Jackie O being a racist. I would say that she's more like Cynthia McKinney


Steve Harkonnen said...

I wonder if Michelle would run off quickly to get married to a rich oil tycoon if her husband took a bullet?

If she did, then she'd be much like Jackie O.

Sgt. Major said...

Hi Steve
You got that one right.

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