Sunday, February 10, 2008

The PIAPS is Toast.

Hillary Clinton is in for another tough result when Virginia holds its primary on Tuesday
If the receptions Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton respectively received at a gathering of influential Democrats last night in Richmond is any indication, Clinton is in for another tough result when Virginia holds its primary on Tuesday.

The stark difference in enthusiasm was noticeable even in passing. Outside the Stuart C. Siegel Center, which played host to the Jefferson-Jackson dinner, a couple hundred of Obama supporters beating drums, wearing paper Obama masks and holding giant white letters spelling Obama’s name, urged passing cars to honk. Many of them did.

A quieter group of Hillary supporters had less success.
Inside, there was more of that. The same giant cardboard Obama letters flanked the dozens of crowded tables on the floor, and dwarfed the “Hillary” signs lined up between the A the M and the A. From the stage, past and current Governors of Virginia boasted about their endorsements for Obama. Chants of O-ba-ma broke out intermittently from the rafters.

Clinton, her hair flatter than usual and her chances sinking in Washington and Nebraska, soldiered through.
Taking the podium under an enormous Jumbo screen, Clinton struck positive and even sweeping notes that received solid, if not ecstatic, applause from the crowd.

”Hello Virginian Democrats - that sounds so good,” said Clinton. “I am delighted and honored to be here with you this evening.”
Clinton thanked Virginians for electing Senator Jim Webb and expressed her hope for the election to the Senate of Mark Warner, who ran for president last year as a moderate Democrat, but was essentially forced out of the race by his inability to compete with Clinton for that space.

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