Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Great Emancipator.

Today is the 199th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln the man who stood nearly alone to save America and therefore the world. The man who stood alone and understood that the only route to real peace was through a terrible war.
The truly great and lasting peacemakers are those willing to go to war, and those are the peacemakers I most admire. It’s easy to preach peace, love, happiness, and Kumbaya. It’s easy to call yourself a peacemaker as you bask in the love of the left, the safety of the stable dictator, the alliance with evil…… But it’s the real peacemakers like Lincoln, Roosevelt, Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher, and George W. Bush who make the hard decisions and understand that sometimes war is the only way to achieve peace.
Liberals love peace, there’s no doubt about that because they’re willing to bask in it at the expense of the world’’s oppressed –– at the expense of the enslaved —— at the expense of millions of innocents dead in Cambodia and they hope next year in Iraq —— at the expense of gathering threats to our very way of life.
Lincoln understood that America was the only hope of the world and America could not stand divided. How many would’’ve died without America? Who would’’ve stopped Tojo, Hitler, the Soviets……? Lincoln understood that the idea of peace required a “united” States, just as Bush understands the idea of peace requires a democratic Middle East.
Liberals selfishly demand personal peace on the backs of others. True peacemakers bring peace to those others. God bless Abraham Lincoln, the great American emancipator. God bless George W. Bush, the great emancipator of the Middle East.

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