Thursday, November 22, 2007

Something about Hillary

One of the most intriguing and persistent questions of the 2008 presidential race is this: Why isn't Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, running away with it? President Bush remains unpopular among the electorate at large. Polls show a majority of Americans oppose the war in Iraq. Democrats beat Republicans in all generic surveys and seem poised for further gains in Congress next year. A bleak political environment appears deeply anti-Republican.

I believe Republicans should push hard on her lack of experience and lack of results. An undistinguished career as a lawyer. Negative results as Arkansas education czar under then Gov Bill Clinton. Terribly negative results as health care garu under Bill. Constantly fighting personal, public scandals. Undistinguished Senate career. As Mitt Romney says, we don't need an intern in the White House!
Regardless of how hard she tries to spin her imaginary '35 years' experience', she is just not qualified, and people are getting that.

I love this quote from Dim Snakehead Carville:
'James Carville said in a memo to party leaders this month that the candidates' messages lack depth and resonance. ''Democrats must become more fully the VOICE OF WHAT IS WRONG with these times. It is not enough to be anti-Iraq and anti-Bush,'' as James "the Snake" Carville warned.

The Dims are ALREADY the voice of what is wrong with these times.
Pelosi, Reid, et al, come to mind.

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