Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Both the Right and the Left are out to get Hillary

The most notable failing of Hillary,is the Cold and Joyless, is not that the Marxist policies of Saul Alinsky would be offered up as the "other way", it is that Herself is pretty incompetent in getting even a bare majority to go along with ANYTHING she might bring up. And worse yet, when the real crunch of international policies comes up, Herself will be unable to muster even the courage of her own convictions to argue positively for America at any turn or on any terms.
Seems the Dems/Libs and MSM are attacking President Bush, but I've got news for them: "He is not running!"
The media continues to sing the praises of Hillary, but the common folk will soon open their eyes and truly see who and what she is and then use that information when they vote.
Hillary may start to lay off Bush and pile on to her opponents now that her lead has dropped and may drop off even more as this story gets legs. Her "me against everyone else" has always been her clinical favorite mode of operation used to justify her constant accusations against the other guy and her whining "It's their fault...".

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