Thursday, August 23, 2007

John Edwards Hits Hillary Clinton as Part of Corrupt Washington Establishment

HANOVER, N.H. —Presidential hopeful John Edwards said Thursday the Washington establishment is corrupt and suggested — without mentioning her by name — that rival Hillary Rodham Clinton has been part of that corroded system. Edwards' new stump speech, centered on a a need for change and aimed at his top two rivals.

The problem with this sort of 'attack' by Hillary's cronies is that it attempts to elevate her status. She was NOT a part of the Washington Establishment, no matter how much she and her ilk wish it were not true. She was a First Lady, and not a very good one. That's it. Her Senate seat was stolen from a more deserving New Yorker, and she's maintained it in order to circumvent the Constitution and backdoor two more Clinton terms in the Oval Office for her husband (with the assistance of the likes of Pirro and Giuliani on 'our' side shying away from challenging her Regime when they had a chance). In our zeal to keep her from succeeding at this point, it serves only HER purposes to buy into her supposed credentials. She's a wealthy, deluded Society Matron with delusions of Grandeur and a Communist agenda, and that's all she is.

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