Friday, August 24, 2007

Hill and Bill and Judi and Rudy

I think that Michelle Obama got it right. Discourse on traditional family values is not the exclusive domain of Republicans and conservatives.
But do Republicans and other Democrats get it? Can, say, Rudy Giuliani stand toe-to-toe with Mitt Romney on family values? Can Bill Clinton, who on more than one occasion contented himself with a woman not his wife, throw jabs at Elizabeth Edwards? Will the voting public take it out on Hillary if he does? Pound for pound, is Rudy the only one who can beat Hillary? If you're
questioning the boxing metaphors, then you've not been paying close attention.
I will not be swayed by the personal attacks and mudfest to come.' They can say what they want about Rudy's 'past'. It's common knowledge, anyway. But, he's small potatoes compared to 'Hill and Bill'. He hasn't committed any murders or sold secrets to our enemies, etc., etc.

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