Monday, July 19, 2010

My Message To The Obama’s And Other Liberal Socialist’s

I may not have all the answers but I know what I want and I want to say how I feel. But, I can be socially active AND voice my opinion on a site. These two don't have to be mutually exclusive. I think it is our Constitutional duty to voice our opinions. I didn't say I had all the answers, but I am not blaming anyone who isn’t here anymore as the Liberals are blaming George Bush. Obama is the man now so he has to answer to all the problems we have..
That being said, let me say this. Conservatives are called many names by the left and the uninformed. The favorites are "Nazi," "fascist," "racist," "bigot," "alarmist," "neo-con," "war mongers," “Tea-baggers,” "homophobe": you name it, we've been called it. I take those names in stride knowing full well that the historical knowledge necessary to use big words like "Nazi" and "fascist" are beyond the mental capabilities of 97.4% of libs. When they put down their coloring books and crayons, and turn off Air America or The Teletubbies, they tend to whine and whine and whine, get in touch with their feelings, eat tofu, and yell "it's not fair!" for hours on end. After all that hard work, they don't have a lot of time left to read and think and analyze -- not that they'd have the inclination to that in the first place, of course.

Real conservatives, conservatives who believe in the libertarian tenets of the Founding Fathers, believe that we the people must be protected from government. Hence, our Constitution has ten enumerated amendments that do just that: put limits on what the government cannot do to it's citizens. The Bill of Rights*, therefore, should prevent the goverment from interfering in my life, as long as I am law-abiding and I do not interfere with someone else's rights. Those same rights should be granted to businesses, as well.

A couple of days ago, a news story appeared that explained that the city of New York was banning trans-fats in the cooked food prepared in the 25,000+ eating establishments in the city. For those of you who do not know, trans-fats are the substances in fried foods that make you fat, cause high cholesterol, exacerbate global warming and promote Islamic terrorism. I read the story with interest because of something that I warned people about many years ago.
First, I couldn't care less what Michelle Obama thinks.

Second, NO government should have the right to tell us what we can or can't eat, including our children!
LONG ago, we were given something called PARENTS...who are to act as 'government' to THEIR children.
Michelle should concentrate on her own kids and leave ours alone. We parents know our kids best.
While Michelle is at it, she ought to practice what she preaches, because if she looks in a mirror she'll find she could stand to shed a few pounds herself! The best she can do is be an example in her own looks and eating habits!
I am a smoker. I smoke cigarettes and cigars. Yes, yes, I know. They are bad for me. They cause cancer, heart disease, and storms on Jupiter. Thanks for your concern, now mind your own business. It is my choice to do this, regardless of whether it is stupid or not. That, in essence, is the heart of what America is should be. I choose to smoke. In 1998, when the former Administration (in a move that would make Tony Soprano proud) began extorting money from the tobacco companies -- legal, highly regulated, tax-paying businesses -- I told anyone who would listen that if this blackmail was allowed to happen, anything the liberals wanted to regulate was fair game: fatty burgers, french fries, coffee, donuts. Because, of course, as we are all well aware, liberals know better than we do about what's good for us. "Choice" is something liberals will give you only if it's their choice. It's OK to give the "choice" to kill unborn babies, but don't you fucking dare light that cigarette! Predictably, I was called an "alarmist," among other things, and I was told that it was us, the eeeeeevvvvil right-wingers, who wanted to control the lives of Americans. As I've written before, liberals may have the monopoly on stupidity, but they don't have a grasp on irony.
Next it will be a $500 fine for anyone caught eating more than three meals a day.

So now, New York City is attacking french fries, donuts, burgers, anything containing trans-fats. Why? Well they say it's for health reasons, because "they care," but I know better. Just as in the cigarette case, it's nothing but but a cheap money-grab. Filthy greed. You know, what we conservatives are constantly accused of being. Today it's fines leveled against restaurants, tomorrow they'll tax the fatty foods. The food products will be heavily regulated, the flavor excised, and they'll be heavily taxed to boot. A few things before I write, just so that I don’t get ridiculed for being a crazy liberal: I’m not, by any means, a liberal, and I agree that the trans-fat thing is ridiculous and that it’s not going to do anything to curb obesity anyway. My father holds stock in Philip Morris, and yes, that class-action lawsuit against tobacco companies was also pretty ridiculous. The fact that these people got away with blaming some companies for their decisions is crazy.
That said, I really, really love smoking bans. I’m a nonsmoker who’s prone to colds/subsequent sinus infections, and I absolutely hated coming home from a bar in college (in Chicago pre-smoking ban) and reeking of cigarette smoke and sniffling and sneezing. I moved to northern New Jersey after college and it was SO nice to go out in NYC and not come home smelling like cigarettes. Seriously, that stuff just stuck to every piece of clothing. My hair too. It was awful. And I hated it because I was suffering the consequences of other people’s choices to smoke. My choices were: a) stay home and have no social life or b) go out with friends and get sick.
The President's Missus needs to keep her nose outta the People's business.... Plain and Simple...
Here's my message to all of you liberal lifestyle fascists: If it's really bad, then stop being hypocrites and ban them. I know that'll put a stop to the billions that enter your coffers for more mind-control of the masses with socialism and political correctness, but you'll be doing what you know deep-down is the right thing. Let ME make decisions about MYSELF as long as I'm not hurting anyone. Let me drink, let me smoke, let me gamble, et cetera. So in ending, I wish that some one would tell Michelle Obama to stop telling me what to eat and what to drink. Big Brother thinks we are too stupid to think for ourselves. t is NOT the government's job to be doing ANY of this . We have moved a million miles away from the intent of why this country was founded. Obama is a Marxist , it is so clear now. Government runs every aspect of your life. Wake up liberals ,And stop restricting my FREEDOMS... You can't force me to by health care and you can't tell me what I can eat or smoke or drink either. F all of you phony liberals because you are supporting a fascist government that want control..Control of banks , care companies, health care , food , the internet and radio..But you don't see it do you , you fools. See Greece ? we will be there in 2 years. Maybe she thinks we forget her statement that when her hubby was elected was the first time she was proud to be an American. She deserves no place in our children’s lives or the White House.
It is NOT the government's job to be doing ANY of this. Stop telling us what to do and start cutting your spending.
You have no right to tell anyone what to market when you can not even control spending.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good rant my man ... I think you covered quite a lot.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Just came over to thank you for "finding" my blog. I always enjoy meeting others. I do not know if you found my other blog, it is linked on my sidebar as grammasrightagain. It is my political blog. The one you joined is mainly fluff and family. I will enjoy your input on either.
As far as your "rant", you forgot the part about everyone is going to have to have their BMI on file soon also.
This is a world gone insane.....oops, I have to go change my light bulbs, I do not want the light bulb police to see that I am still burning the oldies:)

WomanHonorThyself said...

Second, NO government should have the right to tell us what we can or can't eat, including our children!..amen!

christian soldier said...

" ...just a retired soldier.."!!
You-my friend-are one of our BEST and I thank you for your service!

as to this government mandating what we can and cannot do ---we fought a war-1776 - to wrest freedom from oppression!--and have fought wars since that one to keep our freedom--we are doing battle now--
I hope (used to like the word 'hope'-now - not so much :-) we can do it via the voting box...

christian soldier said...

BTW-just added your site to my roll--
you will like my art web site --left the address in the comment section of by blog-in response to your comment...

Michael said...

I agree with your rant. Now with Obamacare, we'll have to submit to a BMI (body mass index) before you get the treatment you need for whatever. Everyone better dust off their "runnin shoes" and lose some weight. I don't hear those "Liberal Fools" whining about that yet!
P.S. I love the "All American" patch of my old unit, 82nd.

Fredd said...

Hey, Smadge:

These folks can't help butting their snooty noses into everyone else's business. It's who they are. It's what they do.

These guys and their ilk have determined since their formative years in elite prep schools and Ivy league environs that they know better than the Great Unwashed (that's you and me, Smadge), and that we are just too dang stupid to make the calls. And this arrogance applies not just to public policy calls, they think that THEY should be making ALL the calls, both public and private.

We are too stupid, you see. According to them, at least.

And to a certain extent, they have a point. As a voting public, we elected them to do just what they are doing. How smart can we as a nation be, when we allow liberals like these guys to inhabit the Oval Office?

Maybe we may have wised up, as a whole, we'll see on November 2.

Staff Sergeant Fredd, U.S. Army, no longer active duty - out in 1986, bum knee (from football, too much running, couldn't hang anymore)

Z-man said...

"Those same rights should be granted to businesses as well"

Ay there's the rub!

Wes G said...

i don't agree with much of what you wrote. so here are a few links to help with your future blogs.

first link can help with the money side of the argument and the second tells what happens when American capitalist ideologies infect other states in this case the UK.. it would be nice if the American libs were actually liberal at heart rather than the distorted form of liberalism that you have..

BeanTown said...

I'm against socailism because I was brought up as a amercain.And it been one year since we elected a new president who we thought he was for us american which was true. We the people who I speak for all will agree.Thats we shoulded know long time ago when they first brought it up now at the wrong.I like the way the world is and making a socailism countries it won't work my foster brother told me to be ready for this new world order and now I understand why he told the things he told me and I was owned 13 yrs old and now I'm 35 yrs old. And I William L. Smith will fight against socailism. So it won't happen in my time or my 3 boys time as long I'm alive I will fight this even if i got to take it to the white house because I'm born american and everybody who's americans have the right speak. This is America freedom of speech.So those who agree with me let me know so that way our liberty won't be taking away from us we the people got to stand up and the time is now. Not later we wait to long then we won't have the chance to fight it. My Email is I like to see what you have to say on the issue. Need your support to fight this can't do it alone.

Tapline said...

Sgt Maj,,,,Wow! That's quite a rundown....Right on all counts. Correct me if i'm wrong, but "the One" said he would not speak to the mosque being build near the site of the twin towers. Doesnt the state department press his agenda???? just wondering.......Great post......stay well

Sleuth said...

My Files, first, you are a PLAGIARIZER. This post was plagiarized from here:

plus it matches another blogger's post here:

So you might be the SAME person OR copying each other?

The deception is astounding!

Also, you state in one paragraph that you smoke cigarettes AND cigars. Then in another paragraph you say that you HATE cigarette smoke because you are prone to sinus infections. The reason for this discrepancy is because that is what Carolina Bolado wrote as a comment @ 3:53pm from the article you STOLE!

It's tough keeping LIES in order, isn't it?

My Files said...

The Sleuth person said.
"The deception is astounding!"

Oh here we go, here goes all that liberal telling me what I shouldn't do BS.
Look, Mr Sleuth, whoever the hell you are, I've been doing this blog since 2007, and I got along without you since then, so don't come crawling around here now and telling me what I can do and what I can't do
If you feel that way then my advice to you would be not to come here and read anything that I have to say.

Perhaps you'd find it more interesting reading the slop over at the Liberal Huffington's rag?

Would you like some real great advice? Try to use your name when you post, any name will do,just make one up. The one you are using is a bit at least I'm not trying to be someone that I'm not.
And try using another screen name, I would suggest, Woody Allen, or Sherlock Holmes. Or did you dream of being Mike Hammer when you were a kid?
So take your liberal BS out of here.
And remember to stop and smell the roses.