Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New York Car Bomber is talking.

I'm glad he admitted it and he is talking because that is the only thing Obama will car about. We will never go after the rest of the Muslims that want us dead. You didn't hear if the feds were going after revolution Muslim over the latest threats to comedy central. You never heard Obama say that Muslims cannot enter the country even though we are at war with them and the middle east. Nope, no problem here just another lone Muslim looking to kill. Must be a tea party Muslim who is a fan of Bush to try killing Americans. This is the fifth even the state run media made us aware of. How many more times will this happen. How many more attempts will happen before this anti American President kicks these bastards out of our country instead of inviting them in. We need to start impeachment hearings to get rid of Obama because the next attack could be nuclear and we cannot wait until then. Bring Bush back to deal with the terrorist. No attacks or attempts this large under his watch.


Z-man said...

Whenever you hear of a case like this and two hours later the authorities are putting out word that he was a lone nut, no connection to this or that ask yourself how can they reach such a fast conclusion on things of this nature? The word propaganda comes to mind.

Z said...

You're SURE right about no attempts under Bush, or at least nothing he needed the DOJ to make a huge thing advertising so he looked like Mighty Mouse.
WHEN is America going to start erring on HER SIDE again? Like we did before when we all felt safe? I fear we'll never get back to normal again.
Due to the left. (thanks for dropping by geeeeZ, nice to have you there!)

RG said...

Keep up the good work, Soldier!

My Files said...

Thank's RG, I surly will.