Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The health care vote.

I think that any Dem who is "undecided" at this date, and then votes "yes" is a sure loser this November. And the same for any Dem who was a "definite no" and caves.

Although both groups may be watching the polls on Pelosi's chances of getting re-elected.

Let`s hope there are some republicans trying to sway the undecided dems to swing a NO vote. How anyone can be `undecided` after a year of haggling this garbage to death is beyond me. I guess undecided is a dem way of saying, `Go ahead, bribe me and make it good`.

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Tapline said...

I'm sure this has been going on for more years than I can count, but I am now aware of what has happened to my once great country. The deteriation started in the early 60's and has progress to the point where I don't know these people who are suppose to be representing us...God they are so far removed from the people they represent they need to take a permanant break from politics....Between the 1600 new federal agencies this monstrosity will create medical rationing will begin in 4 years or before as the doctors quite or retire. Our Higher Education Students will be at the whim of th Government whether or not they get a loan,,,,depending on the needs of the government....This friends scares the cr.p out of me.....stay well...Please.....