Monday, November 3, 2008

It's Time To Fight

Americans go to the polls tomorrow for what will be their most critical presidential choice in a generation. Not since 1980 has the contrast between the candidates been so stark - or the dangers of a wrong selection more worrisome.
Tomorrow, the fate of this country passes into the hands of the people. Will they choose an America the like of which we have never known, of endless entitlements, or will they embrace freedom and responsibility?
Think of it this way, even if you dislike McCain/Palin, how can you ignore BHO's support from Hugo Chavez, Fidel, Jessie Jackson, Rev. Wright, the Iranian Runt and the latest Al-Quadea tape? If our enemies are for him, why is any American supporting him?
The Lord alone knows.


Chuck said...

Fight to the end of tomorrow, good post.

Anonymous said...

We gave it all we had Sarge.

Thanks for your part.