Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary And NOT Bob Barr

Maybe the results of the Virginia Primary show Clinton could win. Maybe Hillary should consider a third party run. Watching a little of the election coverage last night, in view of McCain’s global warming advocacy, the thought struck me that given our choices I could vote for Hillary with one big IF: if she got a separation agreement from Bill pending a divorce decree. (Don’t want him ever in the White House again.)

Hillary is the most conservative of the 3 liberals running for the office. With Hussein Obama the the Dims will lose big time. FTA: …59 percent of Clinton’s voters in West Virginia said they would either vote for John McCain in November or sit out the election altogether. And 61 percent said she would have the best chance to defeat McCain. And I’ll add McCain will probably do all he can to lose finding more things to back like global warming to really shaft Republicans..

So maybe Hillary should consider running as an independent, and become two firsts, the first woman president and the first independent to become president
The Dims know Clinton will get more votes that Obama in the general election because of the Bradley effect (white voters lie to pollsters about black candidates because they don't want to be thought of as racist).

Fortunately, the Dims don't know what to do about it because they thought it was more important to nominate a black man. So now they have him and they are stuck with him.
How about a Hillary/Bob Barr Ticket? There's enough confused and stupid conservatives that one of those might just fly! And that should help all those stupid conservatives who say they would vote for Hillary instead of McCain. Yes and that means you Ann Coulter


Cutiepie said...

Amen Brother!

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