Friday, April 11, 2008

Why Clinton Is Fighting So Hard?

Thirteen rallies in three days, five in Indiana and eight in North Carolina, is how Bill Clinton is spending his time. Both states vote on May 6, and Hillary's got to win at least one of them. The former president is working harder on the road to get Hillary elected than he did in 1996 to get himself re-elected, judging by the jam-packed schedule of "Solutions for America" events staged in school gymnasiums from morning until night in all corners of the two states. Except for an occasional red-faced outburst over a media slight or someone's perceived disloyalty, he's soldiering away with extraordinary discipline.

The reason he's working so hard on his wife's behalf is that he sincerely believes she would make a good president, better than he was, if daughter Chelsea's word is taken to heart. He's also doing penance for how much he humiliated her when he was president, and even for some of his missteps in this campaign, mostly having to do with race. But perhaps most important, Clinton understands that if Barack Obama is elected, his presidency becomes an asterisk

Hillary Clinton wants to be our president because otherwise, she won't know how to spend her time.
I have declared my home a "Clinton-free Zone". No dead bodies in the driveway. No lies. We still have all of our furniture and silver. My daughters and my beautiful wife have no paw prints on them.

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Anonymous said...

You keep thinking that way.
And you'll get the shock of your life one morning in November.