Friday, September 14, 2007

Police Call O.J. a Suspect in Break-In

LAS VEGAS (Sept. 14) - Investigators questioned O.J. Simpson and named him a suspect Friday in a confrontation at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia. The former football star said he went to the room to retrieve property he said was stolen from him but denied breaking in.

Simpson told The Associated Press auction house owner Tom Riccio called him several weeks ago to say some collectors "have a lot of your stuff and they don't want anyone to know they are selling it."

Simpson, who was in Las Vegas for a friend's wedding, said he arranged to meet Riccio at the hotel and conducted a "sting operation."

"Everybody knows this is stolen stuff," Simpson said. "Not only wasn't there a break-in, but Riccio came to the lobby and escorted us up to the room. In any event, it's stolen stuff that's mine. Nobody was roughed up."

A message left for Riccio was not immediately returned.

Investigators were reviewing a complaint of a break-in at the hotel late Thursday night, police spokesman Jose Montoya said.


Johnny said...

THE KILLER just can't stay out of the news, can he?.

Frasypoo said...

He is an idiot...But its his swagger and arrogance that irritates me most.Its like nothing is a big deal for someone as famous as O.J.
I had actually seen blogs praising him!!or saying that he was framed!Thanks for stopping by my blog.