Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin

First impressions count, and Alaska Gov. Sara Palin made a stunning first impression introducing herself as Republican John McCain’s choice for a vice presidential running mate yesterday. The McCain-Palin ticket should have Democratic counterparts Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Joe Biden feeling unsettled, even if they can’t admit it. If they aren’t worried, they should be.
As to all this talk about her qualifications and judgement all one has to do is compare what Obama has spent doing, and whom he's associated with, for the last 20 years and what Palin has spent her time and with whom she's been associating during the same period of time. Case closed

Monday, August 25, 2008

Where Is The Obama Bounce?

Today is the First day of the Convention he just picked he Vice president! And what happened? Nothing! Where Is The Obama Bounce!
This latest poll which shows a 48 to 48 tie indicates to me that Biden was a very poor choice for VP. And, if the calls to Washington Journal this morning to the question "What should Obama do at the convention?" is an indicator, most of these people were Hillary supporters voting for McCain is an indicator, this to me means tha6t Obama needs to hang on to his Senate seat. As for this hatred for George Bush, I'd vote to keep him another term if that were constitutionally possible.