Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kinda self-explanatory isn't it!

Let this Guy on a plane but Pat Down an American Nun!

Thanks TSA, and Obama!


Heff said...

I hear ya, Bro !

Toyin O. said...

Funny and you are so right.

Tom said...


RG said...

Merry Christmas from the W-Bar-E Ranch

Anonymous Reader of Tea Party Blogs said...

Hey Sleuthy why don't you get a life?

Progressive Hunter said...

It's not that Biden isn't doing what we want, it's everything he DOES DO he TOTALLY SCREWS UP!
Well gee whiz, What DOES "Old Joe" do anyway? ? NOTHING It's natural to blame Joe Biden because everything he touches turns to CRAP!
Don’t agrtee? Well lets take a look at the thing that he DID Control....The Afghan withdrawal? The Border? Inflation? Crime? Supply Chain issues? Covid? Handing our Free Money to people who are To Damn Lazy To Go To Work! Don’t believe that? Look at ALL the Help Wanted Signs all over the Country!
The bottom line is this, YOU Progressive Socialist Dummies put the Dumbest, the most Delusional, the most Corrupt, the Lying, Dishonest Man to sit in the Senate for the better part of forty years behind a desk in the Oval Office and now for the lack of anyone else in the Presidency and we're stuck with the result. The Democrats will get their asse’s handed to them in the Mid term Elections, and Joe Biden will then spend two years (if he lasts that long) as the Lamest of Lame Duck Presidents.
This is the Idiot who gave the United States of America
Barbed Wire Barricaded Walls around our Capitol Building.
Who treated our Troops t like Crap, Making them sleep on a Concreat Floor.
Who made Secret deals done dirt cheap through His Crack-snorting Son with Foreign Countries?
Who allowed 2 Million Illegal’s into our Country to flood to the country with Corvid and who knows what else? year? And then secretly bused them all over without even a Covid test or vaccine.
The FBI sent to harass school moms?
A totally botched pullout with 14,000 people left behind?
Giving a terror outfit 28 billion dollars of military hardware? The best and brand new?
Spiraling Food, Fuel and Energy Costs.
A National debt spiraling like there is no tomorrow?
Crime everywhere in the Countries Cities out of control
War looming all over the Planet?
A President who farts and Craps in his pants around every public function.
A guy who needs to be told what to say and has to read cards to tell him what to say, and where he is.
Covid worse than ever after being told twice this year that it was almost behind us? And after telling us last year it was only this way because the last President was Incompetent when HE was the one that gave us the Vaccines in Record time!
Police walking around in Stores, and Restaurants like the Gestapo arresting people for not carrying a Vaccination card.
Shutting down Our Oil Pipelines when we were Energy Independent, and had low priced Oil, and Gas. .
Commies like him want high gas prices,

Sounds like you lefties are Happy over the fact that your “President” and all Democratic policies are wrecking the country and you can’t even pretend otherwise anymore.
Your party is spending cash like Drunken Sailors and THAT has fueled RECORD inflation.

The Out of Control Crime is exploding in cities run by Democrats so I don't care how many of them pay the price for their irresponsible voting .
It's FOOLISH to try to draw a comparison between America under Trump and this NEW Amerika under Slow Joe Biden, or whoever the hell is running things in Washington.. . You will have a chance to see how many Americans agree with my assessment, in about 11 months, when we Get Rid Of this Cancer that You Progressives have let loose on us. Joe Bidung is a Walking, Talking, Stuttering, Bumbling Incompetent Disaster.

The Doctors Wife said...

Oh you bet there’s a Backlash coming…. And I can’t wait for the Elections to come this November, There will be a shift in power unless these elections are rigged like the last presidential election. I think if that happens again in this country I believe it will lead to another revolutionary war. I truly believe Americans need to wake up we don’t have a Democrat problem we have a politician problem the republicans are on board with the rules for thee but not for me all of them get to do insider trading including their families but if us common folks did it we would go to prison. Politicians DO NOT have to pay into Social Security, but we are FORCED to pay into a system that our Politicians both Democrat and Republicans have almost bankrupt. Once they retire they collect a pension for the rest of their lives, over 150,000 a year(not taxed i believe). After 20 years of service my small retirement check ia taxed, federal, state, SS, you get the jist. If you actually look at all the taxes that you pay over 50% of your income is going to taxes so the taxes so the American government has become has become what we fought against in the Revolutionary War. The WORKING CLASS is taxed to death while people are allowed to sit at home and collect welfare and disability for being obese, I’m not being mean this is a fact. People want free health care which the United States probably could afford if our welfare system was an abused so much there are so many people that have babies just to collect more money so they don’t have to work. Our government is still paying people to stay home and not work, How can they say they’ve created over 600000 jobs when everyone is everyone is hiring places have had to shut down because people don’t have to work. Why work when Bidumb sends you Free Money? Americans wake up if they’re not working they’re getting money from somewhere to survive so it’s coming from the government. We have women that collect welfare while they say their boyfriends don’t live with them and their boyfriends are out making thousands of dollars the dollars it’s reported to the state and they do nothing about it. We send billions and billions of dollars to foreign countries in aid while we have children in America starving to death, We have the elderly who can’t afford to barely live and they worked in our country their entire lives. We have a war at home in our country the government against the American people. I took a note at 17 years old to die from my country when I joined the United States Army, Part of that oath said I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Every police officer every politician every service member takes this oath any one of those public servants enforces enforces any of these mandates that this corrupt tyrannical government is trying to force on the American people is Justice guilty for treason and tyranny against American citizens and citizens and every single 1 of them should resign from their positions. I am almost 50 years old and to this day even though I’m retired after 20 years and I’ve been retired for almost 10 years I will still die from my country and the freedom that I defended for 20 years of my life and now both of my sons are in the army defending that same freedom and they would die for their country too in any American who is not willing to stand up against this tyrannical You should be ashamed to yourselves and leave this country and go live in Russia Iran Venezuela because that is what America is going to become if this administration is allowed to continue to destroy our country and take away our freedoms. They did it once and Americans coward and obeyed this Socialist, leaning towards Communist government with the pandemic what’s next, What Americans what next is going to come when we get these people out of our Government!