Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why is this moron injecting himself into EVERYTHING?

On 60 Minute's, Obama said: I think that as a general proposition, you don’t want to be passing laws that are just targeting a handful of individuals. You want to pass laws that have some broad applicability. And, as a general proposition, you don’t want to use the tax code to punish people. I think that you’ve got a pretty egregious situation here that people are understandably upset about. So, let’s see if there are ways of doing this that are both legal, that are constitutional, that uphold our basic principles of fairness, but don’t hamper us from getting the banking system back on track.

Now at first glance, that might seem to be a thoughtful answer. However, when you delve down into it, what you find is that is like many of Barack Obama’s comments, it’s utterly divorced from what he intends to do, while giving people on both sides of the case the impression that he agrees with them.

What in the world is wrong with this guy?

This is why experience matters, particularly executive experience, and it’s a big part of the reason why Barack Obama has done such a piss-poor job so far. An experienced socialist would only appear to be less obviously destroying the American economy with his clueless run away deficit spending.George Bush wasn’t the great president by any means but at least he scared the hell out of our enemies and kept us safe.